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Sonoco Recycling

Comprehensive Recycling Solutions

We help businesses, industries and communities put the power of recycling to work to boost revenue, create opportunities, and save resources.

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Recycling Makes the Grade

Recycling is about more than the resources we save today. It's about learning to build a better future — and world — for everyone.

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Where Imagination Meets Enterprise.

Recycling technology is ever-evolving — and so are we. That's why we craft solutions for the long haul.

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Sonoco Facts

  • Recycling 1 plastic bottle can save enough energy to light a 60-watt light bulb for up to six hours

  • Nearly 3 million tons of paper, plastic and other materials are recycled by Sonoco annually

  • 40+ recycling facilities around the world

Going Green is Good for Business

With a knowledge base informed by more than a century of experience as a global packaging leader and innovative recycler, Sonoco Recycling is uniquely qualified to find alternative recycling solutions for waste that was previously thought to be unrecyclable.

Service Solutions

Educational Resources

Recycling tips, how-tos and activities

  • Activities

    Remarkable Recyclables

    A fun coloring activity for children new to recycling.

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  • TIPs

    Recycling Dos and Don'ts

    Learn what materials are accepted by your local MRF.

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    Come learn with us

    Find out what you can do at our Education Centers.

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