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Green is Good for Business – and the Environment

Recycling does more than reduce landfills and save resources, it boosts bottom lines, fuels economies, and creates jobs, investment opportunities, and new sustainable markets.

We’ve taken more than a century of experience as a global packaging leader and recycler and put it to work to consistently find alternative recycling solutions for waste previously thought to be “unrecyclable.” Today, we provide insight-driven recycling solutions across an array of industries that do more than drive business; they ensure a better future for all.

S3 Sustainability Solutions

Helping companies reduce their environmental footprint and increase their sustainability efforts. Learn more.


National Accounts

Full-service recycling solutions for regional and national companies. Learn more.


Industrial & Manufacturing

Recycling, disposal and landfill free solutions for industries and manufacturers. Learn more.


Paper Mills

Benefit from a responsible source of recycled fiber you can turn into sustainable products. Learn more.



Cost-effective recycling solutions from a dependable, community-minded partner you can trust. Learn more.


Commercial & Retail

Saving money and adding value to commercial and retail businesses. Learn more.



Connecting with homeowners through our municipal recycling efforts. Learn more.


Export Services

Global solutions for responsibly sourced recovered paper. Learn more.