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Commercial & Retail

Save Resources. Manage Materials. Drive Business.

Whether you’re a commercial or retail business, you need recycling solutions that deliver real value to every part of your enterprise.

That’s why we build recycling programs from the ground up, based on your specific needs and goals – and back it up with a century of experience.

We understand the regulations and nuances of your business – and create full-service, worry-free recycling solutions that deliver sustainable results.  Together, we’ll design a recycling plan that:

  • Assesses existing raw materials, processes, packaging, and displays for recycling opportunities.
  • Responsibly handles recyclable materials removal.
  • Ensures security with our safe, secure destruction of branded and data materials.
  • Converts used materials into new products and revenue streams.
  • Tracks profits and savings through instantly-updated web based reports.
  • Achieves sustainability goals through holistic planning and solutions.

See what the power of recycling can do for your business. Contact us now.

Want to learn more about how we help our customers meet their goals? Read our Unilever case study.

Create export-grade recycling bales in your facility.

Sonoco’s low-profile rebaler machine is installed in customers' distribution centers, and requires no added personnel. It empowers customers to create high-quality recycling bales themselves, taking advantage of a strong export market and cutting costs associated with third-party rebalers. Learn more.