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Export Services

A Dependable Partner for Recovered Paper

Sonoco Recycling is a reliable global supplier of quality recovered paper from the United States. We source, collect, sort and transport substantial volumes of recovered paper to countries all over the world.

Our extensive network and global capabilities ensure a consistent, quality supply, providing supply security in all markets. Additionally, our expertise in logistics lets us serve suppliers and customers in the United States, Europe and rapidly expanding markets in Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

  • High-quality, responsibly sourced recovered paper
  • Meets strict requirements for international quality control, including AQSIQ compliance
  • Global service and multilingual customer support

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Create export-grade recycling bales in your facility.

Sonoco’s low-profile rebaler machine is installed in customers' distribution centers, and requires no added personnel. It empowers customers to create high-quality recycling bales themselves, taking advantage of a strong export market and cutting costs associated with third-party rebalers. Learn more.