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Industrial & Manufacturing

One Recycling Partner For Every Need

As an industrial or manufacturing company, you’re constantly challenged to balance complex business needs with regulatory requirements.

Our century of experience as a global packaging leader and recycling solutions provider means we’re adept at designing and implementing programs that maximize your company’s resources, minimize your environmental footprint and create long-term value.

From in-depth assessments of your resources and operations to the implementation of full-scale, landfill-free initiatives, we deliver tailor-made, full-service recycling solutions that create enduring value.

As a trusted, one-stop-shop recycling partner, we’ll create programs that:

  • Assess existing raw materials and processes for efficiency opportunities and renewable energy programs.
  • Responsibly manage material removal.
  • Safeguard security with secure destruction of branded and data materials.
  • Convert used materials into new products and revenue streams.
  • Track profits and savings with instantly-updated web based reports.
  • Achieve sustainability goals through holistic planning and solutions.

See how recycling can drive your business. Contact us now.