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Paper Mills

A Reliable Partner for Responsibly Sourced Fiber

As one of the largest North American recyclers, Sonoco Recycling collects more than 3 million tons of paper annually worldwide - roughly 2.5 million tons in the US alone.

We understand the unique needs of paper mills, because we operate our own – more than 20 across the world.

In addition, we use our own recycled fiber, gathered from more than 20 company-owned paper recovery facilities . We know that when it comes to fiber, you want a recycling partner that provides:

  • High-quality, responsibly sourced material.
  • A reliable, consistent supply to a rapidly expanding market.
  • Responsive, nationwide service.
  • Assessments of your current recycling practices and processes.
  • Custom-built recycling programs and services that save resources and create opportunities.

Start saving more resources and driving more business. Contact us now.